Our Story

Chef John B. Chacon- In 1996-98 was competing for ACF Accredited Medals in Albuquerque,New Mexico. 

Chef Chacon competed and won Silver & Bronze Medals for his cooking competition as a young cook after completing his culinary apprenticeship program.

In 1998 he started to prepare breakfast for all his Family and Friends!

Ever since then he has continued to cook for his Family and friends in Northern California and back in 2004 New Mexico from his cafe that was located in New Mexico at the Historic Los Luceros Ranch back in 2004 to 2005.

In 2006 Chef Chacon made his move to the Greater SF Bay Area to train, learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

They have been asking Chef Chacon when will he be opening a Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant in New Mexico?

The time has arrived in 2021....

23 years later after opening many Restaurants in his life as an executive chef.

After Softly opening of Chef Chacon's Pancake House in Bernalillo December 2021.

Sadly! The restaurant is now closed permanently.

Chef Chacon had to make a business decision.

Great News!

Chef Chacon has other grand opportunities in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico to feature all new concepts and hot spots! 

Stay Tuned!... 

So now, all the people can enjoy Chef Chacon's Pancakes by ordering from his online ordering system, Just hit the buttons below to order your choice of pancakes!

We are now accepting online  orders!

Chef Chacon's Pancake House Kit exclusively for Family and Friends,plus your co-workers or teams would really enjoy a delicious cast iron pancake toppped with Triple Berrie Syrup in the comfort at home or special event space! 


Chef Chacon's Pancake House Kit Choices:

All Pancakes are made from scratch. It took Chef Chacon many years to create and master his own pancake recipe ratios to bake the pancakes in a well-seasoned cast iron pan not grilled on a griddle.

☆The process to bake the pancake in a cast iron changed the entire look and taste.

Not your typical Pancake! 

Check out Chef Chacon's story with Byron Morton from Brunch with Byron KOAT 7 

We will be posting more pics!  

+  Crème Brûlée  

+ New Mexico Wild Berrie Blue corn

+ Tres Leches 

Pancake Topping:

+ Triple Berrie Sauce

+ Maple Syrup

+ Real Butter

+ Powder Sugar

+ Crushed Pistachios 

 +Fresh Triple Berries 

+Stay tuned for more UPDATES to the website! 

+Please see catalog below and place your orders! 

Don't forget to hit the KOAT 7 button below☆ To watch Chef Chacon's filming in Bernalillo New Mexico!

Thank you all for your Support!

"Remember to Always Cook from Your Heart"-

Chef Chacon :-)